Providing a full range of investigative services to clients in the
Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States.


LMI has established sources and contacts for obtaining critical information in all fifty states and most countries. Our services are specifically tailored to each client's individual needs. Contact us for consultation, cost estimates, and any questions regarding your investigative needs.

Background Investigations


LMI's background research on persons and businesses is conducted locally, nationally and internationally. Our in-depth investigations include the most up to date and thorough Internet, database, and publications research as well as interviewing techniques designed to obtain detailed and relevant information while assessing the credibility of the source and analysis of all information gathered.
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Advanced Internet  and Social Media Research


Our in-depth Internet research goes beyond general search engine queries and discovery of social media sites. It is designed via a combination of analysis and multiple detailed searches built by our investigators and unique to each search to discover key subject identifiers such as usernames that lead to otherwise difficult to find information. More information

Corporate Investigations


LMI provides excellent information for business solutions. We can help you with a variety of employee related problems and business concerns including: Due Diligence,
Pre-Employment Background, Workers' Compensation Claims, Competitor Intelligence,

Litigation Support, Hostile Work Environment, Corporate Fraud, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination claims.
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LMI expertly and professionally conducts all phases of Civil and Criminal investigations including witness interviews and locates, background information gathering, case analysis, impeachment and other court testimony, as well as diagrams and documentation.
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